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Have Special Cases? Special Permits are Here to Help

Parking Boss makes it easy to accommodate guest parking exceptions with Special Permits.

The holiday is approaching, which means that many people will be going on vacation and hosting family events. It also means that you may see an influx of new visitors to your community as residents welcome friends and family. Some of these visits may last longer than your normal guest rules allow. Or perhaps your residents need a permit for a caregiver that visits daily.

It can be frustrating for residents and guests–and in turn for you–when they can’t find available parking in their community. Parking Boss makes it easy to accommodate these exceptions with Special Permits.

How to Issue Special Permits

Normally, a guest would obtain a parking permit by self-registering with the Parking Attendant. However, this only allows them to obtain a permit for the time allowed by the community. If a resident has a guest coming to stay for longer than self-registration allows, they can request a Special Permit from the community management.

A Special Permit is then created by a Parking Boss Manager and linked to the license plate just like a regular guest permit. The Manager may create Special Permits for any length of time, attach it to a home, and add notes. A confirmation of the Special Permit is easy to send via email or text message.

Enforcing Special Permits

Just because these permits are special doesn’t mean they are harder to enforce. Special Permits look just like normal guest permits registered with the Parking Attendant, and the license plate will show as active in the Safelist while the permit is valid. So your parking security team can continue to patrol using Field Agent, with no extra steps needed.

Special Permits for Groups

A resident may need for multiple Special Permits to accommodate an event or family gathering. Instead of generating a Special Permit for each vehicle, the Manager has the option of generating one convenient, printable permit which the resident distributes to their guests.

A Special Permit not only helps your residents plan a visit, but helps you and your admins to easily handle special cases and extenuating circumstances. And that means less frustration and better parking for your community.