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Customer Success Story: Lewis Apartments

Lewis Apartment Communities was Seeking an Apartment Parking Solution

Lewis Apartment Communities was Seeking an Apartment Parking Solution

Imagine this scenario: every morning your apartment staff are bombarded with a long line of residents yielding paper parking tickets. As the precious morning minutes tick away, your staff team has to validate each violation by cross checking it with the Night Service Manager’s clipboard, printing out the appropriate paperwork, and resolving the violation face-to-face with the resident — only to begin the process all over again with the next resident in queue.

This was the reality at Lewis Apartment Communities just a few years ago. Their lack of parking technology was an inconvenient hassle for staff and residents, not to mention a challenge for their customer service team. This problem prompted Lewis Apartment Communities to search for smart parking solutions.

About Lewis Apartment Communities

More than 30 communities in California and Nevada are included in the Lewis Apartment Communities portfolio. They are industry leaders with more than 40 years of superior experience at supplying beautifully crafted homes, gated communities, and superior living experiences for their residents. Lewis Apartment Communities have also received the National Multifamily Customer Service Award for Excellence for the past 13 years. Parking Boss has had the joy of providing parking solutions to their portfolio of apartment home communities since 2018.

The challenges

Even though each of the Lewis Communities had their own Night Service employees checking parking lots, their outdated paper system was not efficient. Raven Lexime, Community Manager at Lewis Apartment Communities, expressed that residents were duplicating their paper parking passes or not even utilizing a parking permit at all.

Likewise, the office staff were overwhelmed every morning with residents seeking to resolve their parking violations. Plus, the Lewis communities did not have a streamlined apartment parking solution to coordinated documents between the Night Service team and the office staff.

Overall, the leaders of Lewis Apartment Communities knew that they needed a smart parking system compared to paper violations and clipboards.

“I think it’s necessary to have a product like Parking Boss, especially when it comes to violations.”

— Raven Lexime, Community Manager

The Best Apartment Parking Solution

Parking Boss’ smart parking technology transformed parking for Lewis Apartment Communities. License plate readers, barcode scanners, and smart parking decals helped the parking enforcement agents easily identify which unit was associated with a particular vehicle. Now staff could simply place a phone call or knock on a resident’s door to discuss a parking violation. 

This type of consistency further enhanced their already outstanding customer service, and communicated that they valued parking enforcement and safety.

”It taught the residents how to be compliant because they knew we weren’t going away.”

— Doug Oyler, Senior Regional Manager

With the help of Parking Boss, residents could verify the reason for a parking violation online at their convenience rather than queuing in line at the community office. This opportunity gave back hours of valuable time to the staff at each community. Additionally, Night Service Managers and daytime staff were all using the same technology platform to record and track parking violations, which eliminated the need for paper records.

The Benefits

Lewis Apartment Communities utilizes Parking Boss as the smart parking solution in twenty of their communities.

• All staff are trained with Parking Boss software.
• All residents are familiar with Parking Boss parking decals and user platform.
• Staff and residents can transfer from one community to the next without having to learn a new parking program.

Parking Boss makes apartment parking permits simple for residents.

• Residents are provided a smart parking decal and/or parking space upon move-in.
• Residents can easily validate parking violations online at their convenience.
• Each unit is generously provided with 15 days/month of free guest parking.

Apartment guest parking is fast and easy with Parking Boss.

• Guest parking registration signs are posted at each community entrance.
• Parking Attendant is an easy way for guests to electronically register their vehicle.
• Night Services can quickly validate guest license plates on the Safelist.

Field Agent makes parking enforcement straightforward for Night Services.

• Night Services can utilize Parking Boss’ Field Agent platform to verify vehicles on the property and view a Safelist.
• Issuing parking violations are straightforward in Field Agent.
• Management teams can all access the Field Agent platform for seamless communication.

Parking Boss has streamlined staff operations.

• Night Service Managers scan license plates and parking decal barcodes to verify vehicles or record violations.
• Daytime staff do not have to spend hours resolving parking violations.
• All team members can view apartment parking details in Parking Boss.

What if there’s an emergency? Raven Lexime, Community Manager, explains how Parking Boss is a valuable asset in the event of potential emergencies.

• Be prepared in case of an emergency. “If there was a real emergency and we need to account for residents and guests, Parking Boss will help us know who is parking on our site.”
• Know who is parking on your property. “If police ask for a vehicle description or plate number, we can search it in our systems to see if they live or visit our property.”
• Enhanced communication between Night Services and daytime staff. Parking Boss contributes to a efficient communication between shifts, especially for important details or emergency information.

“Parking Boss is a consistent, efficient process as a parking solution.”

— Doug Oyler, Senior Regional Manager

The Results

Lewis Apartment Communities portfolio has a two-fold goal: to uphold their superior reputation of top-rated customer service, and to encourage residents to remain loyal community members. Parking Boss is the apartment parking solution that has been able to support their goal in multiple ways!

Lewis Apartment Communities has implemented Parking Boss in 20 of their communities, and the results have been outstanding!

Although there are limited parking spaces per unit, residents are more likely to comply with the generous parking policies and rarely complain about apartment parking issues.

But one of the best benefits is that residents and staff can easily transfer from one Lewis community to another without having to learn new apartment parking rules. It’s the same at each and every community in the Lewis portfolio: they know what to expect, and they know Parking Boss. 

“Parking Boss is actually part of my day-to-day work. I love the product!”

— Raven Lexime, Community Manager

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