Amenity Reservations

Easy reservations with payments and automatic refundable deposits

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Optimizing how your different amenities get used will make your residents feel more empowered.

Easy amenity reservations gives your residents the convenience of planning ahead.

Great for high-demand amenities
Typically used by an individual or single unit
Set daily/weekly/monthly time limits for fairness


Co-working spaces/desks
Conference/meeting rooms
Pelotons & other popular fitness equipment
Social media room
BBQ Grills
and more

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Charge amenity fees with or without automatic refundable deposits.

Easy credit card payments built in
Charge hourly, daily, or monthly rates
Damage deposit is automatically refunded if not used
Charge a damage deposit without a service fee


Guest suite
Community kitchen
Movie theater
eBikes, eScooters, or other rentable equipment
Bike storage & storage units
and more

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Manage your pools during the busy months with amenity passes.

Require passes for access, including guests
Limit the number of guest passes each resident can have
Set daily/weekly/monthly time limits for fairness
Charge for seasonal guest passes

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Add integrated controlled access to your amenity spaces for better self-service and security.

Grant physical access only during reservation time
Open via smartphone soft-button or dynamic pin
Phase out fobs, clickers, and access cards
Keep amenities secure when not in use

Coming soon!